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Here are my setting for Mozilla: Server: irc.mozilla.org/6667 Using global user information Character Set: UTF-8 All other fields have been left blank.When you connect to our IRC server, you will get portscanned from,, or advised: These installation sources will not work for Novell Linux Desktop or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Click on the K Menu, then INTERNET, then CHAT, and finally XCHAT: You will see the initial Xchat window appear: For this demonstration, we are going to connect to a SUSE IRC channel. In the REGEX MATCH box, type and then click the REFRESH THE LIST button down in the lower left corner of this window.You will see several channels appear that are related to SUSE: The channel I'm looking for is #suse. I see in my main window that I've entered the channel: As IRC is a bit complex and slightly off-topic to explain here, there are many tutorials available to get you up to speed.I've done several searches on Google and nothing has helped. I don't use IPTables on my machines since they are already behind a hardware firewall.I just checked to see if I could connect to another IRC server and I can connect to the Ubuntu servers just fine.I have not added the Xchat as sticky icon in my application panel.

In this post I will detail how to set up Xchat with Tor on Debian or Debian based OS. You can download this file here: file is available a few other places on the web as well. Click ok and restart Xchat and connect to your “free” network. While I have found tor to be the only way to use IRC in some cases (such as the ones outlined at the beginning), it often isn’t very reliable. If Hex Chat was loaded before the panel containing its icon, for example when the panel is forcibly reloaded, the icon may be invisible.I'm new to IRC and after some research I decided to go with XChat.This article is more geared towards highlighting Xchat than explaining the ins and outs of IRC.Xchat is a great application to fill your IRC needs.

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