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The backlash was harsh and immediate on social media where the sneakers drew comparisons to hospital shoes, or something dads might wear."It is a great pair of shoes to own whether you are a Steph Curry fan or just a middle school lunch lady," Jimmy Kimmel cracked on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." An Under Armour spokeswoman said the marketer is not commenting on the shoe.His brothers excelled in sport, but John's inclinations took another direction.

'I want to go skating,' he said, and to his surprise his mother agreed.A stately dance in triple measure, dating from the 17th century.A square dance for four couples, dating from the 18th century.I have now found Anthony Wood's authority for dating his birth in 1545.The question of dating arises, since only the Klock piece is firmly fixed.

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The curry that Tom buys there is a strong blend that doesn’t contain much turmeric. Once the pot is almost dry again, add enough water to help create a sauce, and continue simmering the chicken. The hardest part is over, and now you just cook the chicken until it’s done. I have to say that I was never a big fan of curry, but Tom’s cooking has converted me.

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  1. A political action committee set up by the creators of the humorously cynical party game Cards Against Humanity erected a billboard in Dearborn, Michigan this past weekend consisting of an Arabic slogan implying that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is afraid of Muslims.