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Cheska feels nervous as she prepares to go on a double date with Binky, Stevie and Sam, but is more drawn to Sam than Stevie.

Ollie is introduced to Ianthe’s friend, Danielle, but it doesn’t go to plan as Ollie doesn’t feel a connection with her.

Unfortunately for Sophia she arrived to find Ashley at Francis’, leaving her with single. Earlier in the show Sophia told Millie she felt “like an idiot” over the situation but had Ashley not been around she would have gone for Francis. Francis was seen presenting Sophia with his beloved bear as an early Christmas gift.

Sophia was thrilled and said it could be “our little bear child.” Sophia asked Francis if he was going to the Christmas party but he said no because he was with Ashley and her friends.

but she has certainly made her impression on the men.

She started by seeing Proudlock but that didn’t stop Francis Boulle falling for her, as they bonded over art galleries.

However, when Ollie made it abundantly clear that this would never happen, heartbroken Gabriella shocked everyone by announcing her decision to quit the show at the end of last year’s Christmas special.

But it would seem that, despite appearing heartbroken at the time, Ollie somehow managed to get over this, if today’s pictures are anything to go by!

They were informed that they get three minutes with each person, when the bell sounds ladies move onto the next table.

Elsewhere, at Spencer’s birthday party, he plays mind games with Andy as he invites him into the social group, Binky and Jamie finally agree to give things a go, and Gabriella returns.

The Made In Chelsea's gang's relaxing jaunt on the French Riviera turned into a hot house of drama as Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo and Olivia Bentley clashed over man-of-the-moment Francis Boulle.

However, despite the flirting, Francis decided it wasn’t ever going to happen between them and so took himself speed-dating where he met Ashley.

But in true Chelsea style at the same time Sophia decided it was Francis she wanted and dumped Proudlock and headed to Francis’ house.

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