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Prayer will be incorporated throughout the Conference.

Mass will be celebrated at the beautiful St Mary Mackillop Memorial Chapel where the tomb of St Mary of the Cross is located.

Meet single Catholic adults like you - whether you are a single parent, divorced, separated, or have never been married.

We want to help you find the spouse God created for you.

Since 1998, we have been building a community of active, passionate Catholics focused on forming meaningful and fulfilling relationships. Life is busy, we've been in Australia for the last three years and we have our two lovely boys, Daniel just turned 5 and Benjamin is 21 months. We've so often had the opportunity to tell people how we met and I always brag about AMS.

For this reason we ask that you "copy-and-paste" or otherwise backup any content that you feel is indispensable.

The most noticable changes will be to the user interface and available features.

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