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I just added several attributes including FIRST NAME and SECOND NAME.In the newsletter template, I included the following: Hello [FIRST NAME][CONTENT]php List obligingly recovers each users first name from the tables and substitutes it for the placeholder [FIRST NAME]. This placeholder also appears in the template as follows: XXX Company Newletter for [NL_DATE]Then I opened admin/Simply enter a description of a template you need, and we'll give our best to make a modern and catchy design to meet your needs.We will choose the best of all wishes and make a unique design and code, and upload it on our website.

Our Fraternization policy outlines our guidelines on employees forming personal relationships with each other.If you use Facebook for your business (and these days, who doesn't? We engineered this simple lead generation page to guide your visitors to exactly what you want them to do — sign up for your list.), you should strongly consider using this landing page. This amazing lead generation landing page template features unique design and subtle arrows to give your pages a sophisticated look while pointing people to the purpose of a landing page: getting that click and driving more opt-ins through your marketing.AS well how do I make more [CONTENT 1] [CONTENT 2] placeholders so I can set up a template for a friend and then they just login and fill in the new images and text?Thanksweblitejotazzu Posted: am, Thu 06 Oct, 2005 PL Master Joined: Posts: 183Location: Hamburg, Germany Hi darkknight,nice patch, I've added it to my installation immediately.

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