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Most days, it’s hard enough to be an introvert alone… What’s it like to be a quiet girl dating an outgoing person? Here are 15 things you’ll only understand if you’re an introvert dating an extrovert. They don’t always understand when you just want to relax and do nothing. Other people are always surprised that a reserved girl like you is dating such an outgoing person. it becomes just a little more difficult when you’re dating someone with a very extroverted personality. They get super antsy when sitting quietly for too long. Trying to explain that you need a little space for yourself once in a while comes off as insensitive and insulting. Sometimes their outgoing personality is overwhelming and exhausting. The other night, my boyfriend and I both took the Myers Briggs Personality Test to “find out more about ourselves” because we’re into that kind of thing. I wasn’t even a little bit surprised by our results – my boyfriend was declared an extrovert, and I was declared an introvert. What if I’m the lonely girl who sits in her apartment drinking copious amounts of wine and stuffing my face with food while watching The Notebook for the 37th time?

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/ The Pro And Cons Of Having A Big Bottom (1) (2) (3) (4) Just like ARVA said in her post about dating introverted guy which I found to be true, now I am bringing you reasons why you should date an introverted girl.

I am a practical example so most of the things am gonna write is all about myself being an introvert.1) AN INTROVERTED LADY WILL NOT CHEAT ON YOU: its unlikely you have a trust issue with an introverted lady, even after marriage be rest assured that your woman belongs to you only.

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