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Natural supernova explosions in space produce a great deal of ionizing radiation near the explosion, which can be seen by its effects in the glowing nebulae associated with them.

Ionizing radiation can also be generated artificially using X-ray tubes, particle accelerators, and any of the various methods that produce radioisotopes artificially.

In developed countries (a quarter of the world population) about one person in 50 uses diagnostic nuclear medicine each year, and the frequency of therapy with radioisotopes is about one-tenth of this.

Ionizing radiation is invisible and not directly detectable by human senses, so radiation detection instruments such as Geiger counters are required.

Ionizing radiation (ionising radiation) is radiation that carries enough energy to free electrons from atoms or molecules, thereby ionizing them.

Finally, all accelerators must have some means of detecting, counting, and measuring the particles after they have been accelerated through the Electrons and protons, the particles most commonly used in accelerators, are found in all materials, but for an accelerator the appropriate particles must be separated out.

Electrons are usually produced in exactly the same way as in a television picture tube, in a device known as an (positive electrode), where they pass through a hole.

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