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Online dating in Russia hasn’t taken off to the extent it has in other parts of the world.

The best online dating sites in Russia cannot compare in terms of quality and membership numbers to the best online dating sites in the United States and Canada.

Sinead OConnor posts concerning suicidal video on Facebook.

Trump threatens North Korea with 'fire and fury' amid nuclear weapon reports.

With 63 million registered users, UK Business Insider claims Adult Friend Finder is one of the largest casual dating websites around, comparing it to Tinder which had 50 million users late last year.

Although 3.9 million is a fraction of the total membership, it is still a large breach, and the specific details released are more personal than your average username and address hack.

Indeed along with information such as email address, date of birth, address and username, a spreadsheet circulating with the stolen data is said to contain other personal snippets due to the nature of the site, including sexual preferences, sexual orientation and whether users are “seeking extramarital affairs.” A large concern here, highlighted by Channel 4, is the potential for blackmail, beyond the usual phishing attempts that data breaches sometimes result in.

It is our industry's position that one of the most effective solutions to fighting mobile phones in prison is to utilize cell phone jamming technology.

Unfortunately, that technology is currently banned by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

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With the cell jamming option currently off the table, this Department has utilized a number of measures to control the flow of cell phones such as enhanced searches, detection dogs and various electronic tools.

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