Blackberry curve keeps updating time zone

I hope that you used "best practices" to use an OTA service (e.g.,, Gmail, etc.) as the 'master' for your PIM data (calendar, contacts, etc.) instead of just "local" data for these.

If Yes, then you simply have to re-enter the account to the new device and the data will be conscientiously fill with the OTA service.

I’ve been asked by a handful of people if the stories are true.

Earlier this week, we reported that in the update to Android 4.3, the original Nexus 7 might see a performance boost thanks to newly added fstrim support.

Anandtech has a fantastic writeup on exactly what the update to Android 4.3 with fstrim means for Nexus devices, so I’ll refer you to them for the nitty gritty. As much as I appreciated the solutions on how to fix the lag problem in the Nexus 7 (some of which were actually the same exact thing as the official fix from Google itself), I didn’t want anyone to miss the point here.

No one should have had to download or develop anything for the lag problem to be fixed.

Every i Phone uses a version of i OS, which is an Apple operating system for all the company’s mobile devices, including i Pads, i Pods and the aforementioned i Phones.

If you still want to upgrade to OS 6, there is a good news that Star Hub Ltd. For those of you that want to know the step by step on how to upgrade, here is the guide. This OS version is still an unofficial release so do it at your own risk. Firstly you need to install the Blackberry Desktop Software. Installation of Blackberry OS to the local computer. The Black Berry Desktop Software will detect that there is an update version found in the local computer. Make sure to check the ‘Back up device data’ and fill your email address to get notified a new software update. After several minutes, if there is no problem, the software update is complete.

officially dropped Black Berry OS for Curve 3G 9300. This guide should work for any upgrade of Blackberry OS to the latest version. Blackberry Desktop Software, can be downloaded at 2. It is highly encouraged that you backup anything before upgrading. This software, if any new software update found, will prompt you that an update is available. Make sure the available new version is correct, Version (Bundle 1676). Click the ‘Install Update’ button to start updating. Please wait while the Black Berry Software Device Software is updated. You can savely disconnect the device from the PC/Laptop.

The name is metaphorical and refers to how the user is breaking free from the i OS restrictions.

Whether a user should jailbreak his i Phone is a matter of preference.

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